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Episode 0 - Haibane Renmei Promo Video

Original Air Date: N/A

This is not really an episode, but a 3 minute trailer for the show only available on the rare and limited cog. 00. It first starts out with the halo mold spinning around and then opening to reveal a bright halo. Then there are a few random clips from the first episode involving Rakka growing her wings. Then there's a long clip of Rakka walking through some ruins and she comes upon a grave. There's a pile of feathers and under them is a dimmed halo. Rakka picks it up and looking at it, she begins to cry. The suddenly some images flash by quickly (if you have the clip, you can see those for yourself, they may be spoilerish). Then Rakka stands up and feathers swirl up around her and float into the air over the city.

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