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The City and The Wall
Haibane Renmei

Original Air Date: 10-23-02

Rakka busies her self in the morning with putting on her clothes (a very drab dress) which takes a bit of effort with the wings. She looks at herself in the mirror in near disbelief that the wings on her back are really part of her body. Rakka becomes startled with the kids coming in calling for Reki to play. She manages to shoo them away and Rakka comes out from hiding. She walks out onto the large balcony where several of the little ones are ready to show off. One of them wants Rakka to imitate her wing movements (clapping them together), but she's unable to do it and she hurts herself. Reki comes to the rescue shcolding the kids. Reki sits Rakka down and combs her wings which move without control. Then the kids come back and tell Rakka to excercise her wings so they all do it together: the kids in perfect unison while Rakka's barely able to move her wings. Reki becomes frustrated and walks off. Downstairs, the other girls are coming in with breakfast.

All the haibane, even the little ones sit down for breakfast. Over breakfast, they chat about such things as Reki complaining about all of them coming over and the origins of the little ones' names as well as Reki's name which she explains rather calmly compared to how excitedly the little ones did. Then the other girls decided it would be a good idea to take Rakka into the city and she agrees to go so they leave Old Home. All of them walk along the path and suddenly a man on a tractor heads in the other directions and the haibane step to the side of the road. Rakka is shocked to see that the man didn't have wings. Hikari explains that of course there are other people who don't have wings and they continue towards the city. Rakka looks around to see all the people of the city who don't have wings and also looks at their clothes. She looks at her plain clothes and becomes a bit self-concious. Kuu notices that Rakka doesn't seem extremely happy and suggests that they go to a secondhand shop which they all agree to do after explaining a few things to Rakka.

The girls arrive at the shop waking the sleeping worker who's surprised to see a new person. Hikari points out that she's new. Then the guy points to the odd contraption supporting Rakka's halo and she becomes a bit shy. To make her feel more comfortable, he says that she can pick her clothes from a rack. Kana gets excited wondering what the others will be getting and the guy pulls up a box of dirty clothes much to Kana's disappointment. After the girls pick over the clothes, Kuu asks if Rakka has made a decision and she has: a cute one-piece sailor dress. After the girls get their clothes, they pay by signing a special book issued by the Haibane Renmei, ripping out the page, and handing it to the guy at the counter. However, Rakka has yet to recieve her book so she pays by signing a little tablet. Nemu plucks a small feather from one of her wings to accompany the signed paper. They leave the store and go into the city where the Tooga shortly arrive. All the other people gather around and Rakka is astonished. She's not really astonished at the Tooga, but more so the large wall surrounding the city. Kana gradually explains things to Rakka about the wall and the Tooga and how only Washi, representative of the Haibane Renmei, can speak to them or come close. They (Washi and Monban) speak to each other with some sort of sign language. Hikari imitates to explain it to Rakka. Then Nemu describes how much the Haibane Renmei helps out. Then Kuu gets excited and decides to thank Washi quite loudly. Kana shushes her quickly but not before the attention is turned on her. Nemu gets nervous and decides that they have to get away. They begin to run off but a crow calls out and Rakka becomes startled as Washi looks right at her. He slams his cane into the ground to scare away the crow. Then Rakka catches up with the others and they walk home

Rakka's still fascinated with the wall, but no one knows what's outside of it. They arrive back home to see a sign from the Haibane Renmei welcoming her as a member and requesting her presence at Myou Jyou Jiin. Since Hikari has to return the mold for the halo, she decides to go with her. But Rakka wonders how they knew her name. Kana decides to play a mean trick and scare Rakka by telling her that the Haibane Renmei is some kind of mysterious organization with magical powers. Nemu calms her by reminding her about how she signed her name earlier. They all part their ways. Rakka enters her room to find Reki sitting by the door smoking. She was waiting for her return and had prepared something to eat. Reki tries to deny and Rakka goes to get some tea. Reki sits back for a moment and she hears a crashing noise. She runs into the other room where Rakka has collapsed and quickly takes her to bed. As she lays down, the support for her halo falls off and it stays in place. Reki sits by her bed planning to watch over her until she falls asleep, but Rakka says that she's already asleep to let Reki go ahead to bed.

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