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Bell Fruit
Year Passing Festival

Original Air Date: 12-18-02

Rakka wakes up Reki and she comments that she possibly hasn't been sleeping well. Rakka remembers Reki's lighter which she picked up somewhere and points out that Reki forgot it. She walks off saying that Rakka can keep it since she won't be needing it anymore. She walks into the guestroom and sleepily greets everyone. Hikari notices Reki's attire is not the norm nor acceptable and commands her to clean up. Reki agrees without an argument and heads to change.

Later on, all the girls head out to buy special bells made from special nuts for the festival. Hikari and Rakka stop and one vendor and looks at all the different colours of the bells asking if they're all the same. Hikari explains how mixing different metals in with the dirt produces different colours. Hikari explains what a good one is and picks up a red one and hands it to Rakka explaining that it's a bell of thanks. She closes her eyes and listens to the sound until Reki interrupts her. Rakka asks what the bells are for and Reki says that it depends on the colour. Elsewhere, Hyoko and Midori dot in from an alley into a crowd and Reki spots him. They stand far apart and Midori, seemingly upset, demands Reki to hurry up with what she's going to say. She plainly appologizes for what happened in the past. She walks over to Hyoko and hands him a white bell. Midori and Hyoko become a bit shocked since the festival is still about a week off and Reki replies that there's not much time left and walks off.

Midori and Hyoko stand on the bridge explaining past events to Rakka beginning with how Hyoko first met Reki and ending with how he tried to help Rakka meet someone on the other side of the wall. Midori begins to tell of how Hyoko tried to climb the wall and the scene flashes back to a young, crying Reki in the rain. The camera changes to show young Hyoko near death laying on the ground. Midori continues explaining why she hated Reki so much simply because she was selfish and didn't get hurt at all while Hyoko suffered the most. However, Hyoko explains that it's not her fault and reminds her that she was the closest to Reki. Rakka then blurts out her will to help Reki remove her sin but Midori knocks down her comment saying that Reki doesn't want any help. Rakka yells out that they're wrong. She calms her voice and makes note that even though Reki is sad, she keeps smiling. Hyoko tosses his bell into the air and agrees to help.

The next morning, Reki doesn't come out as normal. She's in her room and her wings have begun turning black. She looks at the picture of Kuramori and says that everyone will soon forget about her. She walks over to the picture of Kuramori and wonders where she went wrong.

At work, Rakka has a strong desire to help Reki. In the background, she hears a light laughter that soon intensifies and she realises that it's Kuu. She runs after the sound and comes to a marker and comes to the conclusion that the writing on it says Kuu. She makes the various symbols with her hand several times. After work she goes into the inner garden. She crosses her hands in front of her chest and to the shock of Washi, she begins to sign "Kuu." He asks her where she learned that and permits her to talk. She explains that she felt Kuu's presence and she saw the marker with her name on it and asks if that was hers. Washi explains that it is a different character from what she was originally named. He goes on to explain that when a haibane becomes a true haibane, his given name is replaced with his true name. With that, Washi hands Rakka a box. She opens it and inside is a little plaqe that says (Rakka) and Washi asks if she understands. She explains how she kept away from everybody like a nut. Washi continues to say that she eventually connected with people so her new name does not mean "fall down" but roughly "connected nut." Rakka suddenly thinks about Reki and what her name is. Washi explains that Reki doesn't know her real name nor does she want to know. He goes on to explain how five years ago, she brought a sick boy to him. Rakka explains that she heard the story. Washi goes on to say that it was a sin and at that time, Reki became a sinner. Rakka talks about how bad Reki feels about things and asks why Reki is yet to be forgiven. He asks her why she thinks she was forgiven. She says that she hasn't forgiven herself. Washi expected her to say that and replies that no one can forgive himself and reminds Rakka that the birds were there for her. Rakka thinks long and hard about how being alone, you get nowhere and Reki's being alone caused her to never be forgiven. Washi hands her a box and tells her to give it to Reki after the festival. He tells her to go and she runs off.

The next morning. Reki is assisting Hikari in making a pie of some sort. Rakka comes out and greets Hikari and Reki. Reki walks out onto the balcony and tells Rakk that she won't be going into town because of personal reasons, not out of selfishness.Reki and Rakka hold a conversation on the balcony and Reki requests Rakka never to forget the guestroom even though she may forget her. Rakka blurts out that she'll never forget Reki.

Later on that night, the festival celebrations begin and everyone except Reki goes into town. Rakka comments about how lively everything is and Kana explains that it'll become quiet once the first bell rings since it's supposed to be celebrated quietly. Hikari comments that because of the quietness of the celebration, people use the bells to express their emotions. Kana goes to further explain that when the last bell rings, it'll be a surprise. Everybody comes to a standstill and the bell rings. They go around to everyone they've come in contact with during the year handing them red bells in thanks.

Later on the last bell rings. Rakka goes to the abandoned factory to pick up Dai and Midori goes with Rakka back to Old Home. They try to get her attention and Rakka bangs a pipe with a brick to get her to come to the window. Shortly after she opens it, Midori directs her to look towards the abandoned factory. In the air, yellow fireworks explode and Midori explains that they're the answer of herself and Hyoko. Rakka asks what yellow means and Reki says that it means "I'm stupid." Midori looks down at the white bell Reki gave her and says to herself "Goodbye." She sits down and begins to cry. Later on, Reki comes out to comfort her and they hug.

The others come back from the city and they notice the bells have stopped ringing and that the year is over. Rakka wonders what that means and Hikari explains that when the year is over, the wall releases the memories of all the people into the sky. They all close their eyes and listen carefully. The entire wall begins to glow. Rakka opens her eyes in amazement.

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