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The Temple

Original Air Date: 11-6-02

Rakka wanders around Old Home looking for Reki. Rakka hears Reki scream and she runs to find her. She fell because she didn't sleep well. Then Rakka jokes around that her name is more suitable for Reki and they laugh. Reki lights a cigarette and talks about how that room was once a studio. She becomes curious, but Reki won't let her see anything. Rakka suddenly remembers what she came up for. Reki never came down for breakfast so she came up to look for her. Reki says that she'll eat later and Rakka goes off to go to the temple with Hikari. Out of frustration, Rakka kicks a bucket and mumbles about having the same dream again.

Hikari and Rakka head to the temple as Nemu walks up to a certain point with them. The temple is in a remote location. On the way, Hikari asks about Rakka's halo which according to her is holding too well. Hikari giggles and speaks nervously as she almost revealed something she wasn't supposed to. They come across a bridge and Rakka seems a little nervous about going across so Hikari goes to the middle of it, twirls around, and nearly falls. Rakka gets freaked out and runs across the bridge grabbing Hikari on the way. They cross a narrow ledge and come to the temple. Outside, a man puts bells on their wings and wrists. Hikari has told Rakka nothing so she quickly tries to debrief her on a few things. Since they can't talk, they communicate using bells. Shaking the bells on the wrists is a greeting, right wing is yes and left wing is no. Rakka seems a bit nervous and they walk in to talk to Washi. He apparently knows what they want and invite them into the garden. Hikari first hands over the halo mold. Washi asks Rakka her name and she becomes confused. He responds as if she had told him her name and is making sure he's getting it right. She moves both of her wings when she was trying to just move the right wing. She blushes and strains to move her right wing alone. Washi initates Rakka officially and gives her her little Haibane book. He asks if there's anything else and both of them move their left wings in unison and part.

On their way back, they see Kuu near the noisy wingmills. Rakka calls her name but she doesn't hear. They soon part their ways: Hikari to work at the bakery and Rakka to Old Home to help Reki. As she comes upon Old Home, she sees Reki chasing after a group of little ones with a frying pan and a spatula. Upon seeing Rakka, she lets them go and they walk back into where the little ones are having lunch. They're having carrots and the kids don't want to eat them. The old lady suggest that the teacher (Reki) should set an example and eat carrots so they all will. Reki then hands them off to Rakka since she thought it was so amusing. Rakka hesitantly eats it and pretends to like it. Gradually, the other little ones begin eating with disgusted looks on their faces. Hana doesn't want to eat her carrots so Reki tells her that she won't grow big and strong if she doesn't eat them. She's fine with that so Reki tries to tell her what happens to bad kids who don't eat their carrots. She gets scared and hides behind Rakka. Suddenly she starts sniffing saying she smells cake. Reki doesn't believe her and sniffs her to smell cake for herself. Then all the other little ones sniff her as well becoming excited. The old lady becomes upset with the commotion and in a moment of silence, her stomach growls, obviously at the thought of cake. She decides that those who finish their carrots will get pancakes (not hotcake pancakes) for dessert. All the little ones eat their carrots quickly with excitement. The old lady tells Reki to buy some pancakes and Rakka offers to go get them since she wants to go to the bakery Hikari works at.

On the way out, Kuu comes up to her and rides along with her since she doesn't know where Hikari's bakery is. On the way, Kuu and Rakka have a little heart-to-heart conversation. Even though Kuu is younger than Rakka, she's her senior. Kuu hoped for a little sister, but she was happy that Rakka turned out to be older so that they could be together. Kuu's the youngest of the older group and if Rakka were younger, she'd be in the younger group and they wouldn't be able to hang out. They hurry along to the bakery and they see a man chasing away crows. Kuu sees them as trying to be friends but since they can't talk, they can't become friends and people just shoo them away not letting them eat what they consider trash which is food for them.

They arrive at the bakery where the lady at the counter recognizes them to be friends of Hikari and points them into the baking area where everyone's working hard. Rakka tells Hikari what they're there for and she says that they can take whatever they want. The head baker brings out a pan full of halo-shaped bread saying that it was Hikari's idea when she brought in an odd mold that they decided to experiment with. Kuu realises that it had to have been the halo mold and Hikari backs off nervously and all of Hikari's dirty work is revealed.

Back at Old Home, Reki and the old lady have a little argument and she reveals that the carrots were a lesson for Reki since she hates carrots. Later on that night, all the others are sitting around waiting to eat while Rakka rinses off her halo figuring that there was flour on it and that was why there was trouble with her halo.

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