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Haibane of the Abandoned Factory
Rakka's Job

Original Air Date: 12-11-02

Young Reki is found outside of her cocoon one morning. She hatched and grew her wings alone. Kuramori came to her and took her into her arms. She is shocked to see that her wings are black. Later on, Kuramori gives Rakka her halo and introduces herself. She tries to get Nemu to greet her but she runs off upset. Reki as a child is lonely and an outcast. On the streets she's stared at, but Kuramori takes care of her.

Sometime after, Reki goes to meet Washi but she doesn't remember her dream at all so she hasn't been given a name at this point. Washi allows her to speak and she tells all that she remembers. Suddenly, she feels pain from her wings and Kuramori accidentally speaks out asking if she will get better. He tells her that he'll tell her what to do later. Reki is given her name meaning pebble since that's mainly what she remembers.

Later on, Kuramori catches Reki cutting her wings like Rakka did. She slaps her making her drop the scissors and then she hugs her saying that she'll always be with her.

One day, Nemu and Reki spot Kuramori coming home and she has passed out on the footbridge so they take her in. Reki begins to sadden because Kuramori was getting medicine for her wings. Nemu becomes very upset with Reki saying that if Kuramori dies it'll be all her fault and Reki runs off. She returns hours later with some groceries. Nemu snatches them away and invites Reki to prepare the food with her. As she walks back to the kitchen, she appologizes for the things she said. Reki becomes happy almost to the point of crying.

The next morning, Kuramori wakes up to see the warm meal prepared by the girl. She looks at the side of the bed to see Reki and Nemu kneeled over the bed asleep with their hands clasped. She says to herself that she's happy they finally got along. The next scene shows the three of them preparing to clean the room for Reki to live in there, but Reki feels it's too big so Kuramori designates it the guest room and gives Reki the job of taking care of the children.

In the present time, Reki is waking up from her nap muttering for Kuramori not to go because she promised to always be with her. She lights a cigarette and realises that she is supposed to take over looking over Rakka. In the guestroom, Kana paces back and forth worried about Rakka since her fever didn't drop even after giving her the medicine. Reki angrily runs out with no explaination to see Washi. She rushes into the inner garden and Washi allows her to talk and she snaps at Washi about leaving Rakka knowing she was obviously not well; but he explains his actions stemming from knowing that Reki would know what to do. Rakka calmly tries to reason with Washi, but he says that it's out of his control and that Rakka overcame her challenge and she'll overcome her sins. She realises that Washi had to have given Rakka the same riddle she gave her and he asks if she found the answer. He responds that he doesn't know and that since the birds forgave her, she no longer considered to be born with sin.

Washi alerts Reki that she doesn't have much time left so she should prepare herself.. She goes into denial thinking that since she's a curse haibane, she'll never cross the wall, especially since she has to take care of the little ones. He tells her that she can't control when her day comes and that she must overcome her trial. He comments that the situation is equal for all haibane which upsets Reki. She points out that Kuu was the youngest and Washi replies that she was never afraid of the wall and that she was hoping everyone else would follow her. Reki becomes shocked by his words wondering how he knew and he replies that what he said came from inside Reki's heart. Reki saddens and points out that Nemu is a good haibane also and should be able to leave. He points out that Nemu wants to see Reki be able to leave which saddens her further thinking she has been a burden. Washi breaks the silence telling her that Rakka is waiting and that she knows where she can find the medicine for her. He further tells her not to be jealous as he walks away. She gets upset that Washi knew exactly how she was feeling and tries to deny her feelings of jealousy.

Back at Old Home, Reki prepares the medicine into a bitter tea and gives some to Rakka. Later on, Reki minds the kids outside when Kana notices that the Haibane Renmei left a note on the board. Reki rushes to read it and is angered by it since it commands Rakka to come by the Temple. She fears that they want to punish her so she says that she'll go in Rakka's place and take the blame and that she mustn't go. Rakka walks into the area with Hikari and Nemu and Reki worries that she shouldn't be up so soon. However, Rakka feels fine and insists on returning Washi's cane. Reki flashbacks for a moment and Rakka thanks everyone and appologizes before leaving. Rakka walks off alone and Reki calls to her only to wave.

At the temple, Washi takes Rakka to an underground area where she must put on this heavy suit. She wonders if she's going to be taken to jail and Washi chuckles a little. They go further and into another room which sends Rakka into a state of awe. Washi introduces the area as being inside the wall. They get into a gondola and float along ans she sees all these markers with cryptic writing. They arrive at an area and Washi explains Rakka's job to her: collecting material for the halos and cleaning the rusted plates. Washi floats off on the gondola saying that he'll be back later and telling her not to be afraid of anything she sees or hears. After he leaves, she begins to work. She notices the writing more closely and ponders what it is.

Midori and Hyoko walk along a path towards the south. Midori is delivering a package from Hyoko to Rakka to appologize. She meets Reki on the bridge and hands it to her with instructions to give it to Rakka. Midori begins to storm off and Reki gives her an extra umbrella. She snatches it away and begins to walk off. She stops for a second and looks over her shoulder to tell Reki that she should stop smoking. Hyoko and Midori leave but not without Hyoko and Reki exchanging some crude jestures. Rakka comes up behind Reki and asks her what's going on in the middle of her gesture in return to Hyoko and she tries to shake it off. Reki immediately applogizes for not picking her up from work and then she gets closer to ask about her punishment and if they did anything bad to her. She said that she only had to do cleaning which surprised Reki.

Back at Old Home, the baked goods that were in the bag are laid across the table. Nemu counts them and find that there's enough for everyone at Old Home. Meanwhile, Rakka reads the letter which is one of appology for the pea soup. Hikari figures that they need to pay them back but Kana disagrees. Nemu asks Reki her opinion and she says that there's nothing she can do. Nemu points out that Dai is going back to the abandoned factory and that they should at least greet them. Rakka asks why Dai's going there and Nemu explains that Dai was originally from the abandoned factory and that children couldn't be taken care of there so Dai came to Old Home and also that a few times a year, he goes back to visit. Reki points out that she can't go because of her restriction and Nemu recalls and says that they'll just go to greet them and warns the others that the boys can be very rude. Rakka agrees that she'll take Dai there and they all part their way for the night. Reki talks to Nemu privately and she tells her not to worry that she'll be okay by herself which confuses Nemu. She asks what's wrong and Reki runs off to her room.

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