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The End of Summer

Original Air Date: 11-27-02

Early in the morning, Rakka is exploring Old Home more to find her own room. However, most of the rooms are in disrepair, completely uninhabitable, or taken by the other girls. After finishing one wing, she sits out in the courtyard to look at her map. She feels a bit of a chill and decides to move along. From the balcony, Kuu looks down on her and invited her up where she gives Rakka a coat. Kuu explains that winter comes quickly and sometimes many first year haibane catch cold because winter comes so suddenly and they're unprepared. Rakka doesn't understand how Kuu knows that winter will be coming soon, but she says that the sky tells all. She walks over to the bed and looks at Rakka's map wondering what it is. She explains that since the guest room is like everyone's room, she should get her own place since she's no one special. Kuu asks if she has found a good room, but Rakka hasn't so Kuu marks something on the map. Then she suddenly gets up a leaves saying that there are things that need to be done. As she leaves the room, Rakka notices that her halo is fading.

Rakka helps Reki with breakfast and she's quite upset because she had plans to make a special breakfast for Kuu. Suddenly, they hear a bell ringing. They rush out to see Kana cheering in the clock tower because she fixed the clock. Reki calls her over so that they can celebrate so she comes over excitedly. However, when she arrives, the picture isn't all that happy because the bell won't stop ringing. Reki gets pissed off and tells her to go and stop it. Kana argues back and Reki snaps back as well so she goes to stop the clock. Rakka follows her to help her fix it.

When Rakka arrives in the tower, Kana notices that Rakka is wearing Kuu's coat and began talking about the history of the coat. When Kuu first came to Old Home, that coat was the first thing she bought. She didn't like being treated like a kid so she tried to fit in by trying to wear the same things everyone else was wearing and doing the things others were doing. Rakka wonders if it's okay for her to have it, but Kana says that it's okay because it's a sign that Kuu isn't trying too hard. Rakka continues exploring the house as Kana's voice echos through her head talking about how Kuu once was. How one time she accidentally crashed Reki's scooted and how she tried wearing Hikari's glasses, got dizzy and fell down the stairs. Rakka decides to give it her best and comes to another room which is also in bad shape. Then she takes out her map and notices that Kuu wrote something on it. Kuu made a reccomendation that Rakka take the room next to Reki's.

She wanders around some more and finds a nice room that's nostalgic. Kuu comes out and tells her that it should be since that was the room she was born in but Rakka doesn't remember it much. Kuu decided to choose that as her room since Rakka was born in it. She changes the subject and asks where Kuu had been since Reki was quite angry because she missed breakfast. Kuu giggles and changes the subject by giving Rakka one of the bentou Reki made at Kuu's request.

Dark clouds loom overhead and Rakka notices Kuu's halo fading again. She begins to approach her and then Kuu begins to talk about the cup in her heart and how it has become full. Rakka becomes shocked and approaches her again. Kuu says that Rakka gave her a drop to help fill it up and she thanks her and runs off. Soon, thunder roars and Rakka is back in the guest room. Reki comes in and asks about Rakka's moving saying that Kuu told her. She wonders if Kuu told her anything else but she replies that she didn't. Reki wonders if Rakka was the one who cleaned the kitchen, but she didn't do it, but Kuu did which surprises Reki. The chitchat with Rakka didn't cheer her up much so Reki goes to prepare tea. She calls for Reki and then suddenly changes her mind about saying anything.

Later, Reki and Rakka talk a bit over tea. Rakka asks why there's a wall around the city. Reki says it's for protection from things that aren't good, or things they aren't supposed to know. Lightning strikes scaring Rakka a bit and knocking the power out and Reki goes off to check on some things. Rakka looks out the window wide-eyed at a crow and then she runs off lean out of another window to see where the crow is heading. Suddenly, a ray of light opens up from the ground in the western woods and into the sky and some crows are startled. Reki finds Rakka and Reki gets her to come in while she looks after the kids.

Reki comes back to the guestroom after tending to the kids to find everyone there except for Kana, who's looking at a generator, and Kuu, who would normally be the first to return during bad weather. Reki doesn't seem too worried and Rakka goes off to look for Kuu. Shortly after, Reki goes off to check on Rakka. Hikari figures that Kuu will want a bath when she returns so she makes plans to prepare a bath. Rakka stands in the area with the nameplates and Reki comes up behind her telling her not to worry so much about Kuu but Rakka doesn't think that she could have possibly went into the city, but more like a long journey into the western woods. Reki becomes shocked and her cigarette falls from her mouth in disbelief that Kuu would go into the western woods where she knew the wall's powers were its strongest. Kana overhears them speaking as she comes up and she becomes worried. Reki tries to make sure she doesn't panic by telling Kana that it isn't verified so Kana asks Rakka why she things she went into the western woods. She explains that that area was where the crows were bustling about like they wanted to tell her something and that she also saw a light come from the ground that wasn't lightning. Reki becomes shocked and grabs Rakka to make sure she's telling the truth and Kana goes into denial and she becomes upset and runs away. Reki stays behind and begins to tell Rakka about the haibane's "Sudachi no hi" or day of leaving the nest so to say. Kana comes back outside and she wants to head out into the woods, but Reki won't let her go. However, Kana and the others want to add truth to their legend since it's truth to Reki. Reki says that it's of no use to go but everyone wants to see Kuu. However, Reki tries to stop them all because they'll get lost so Rakka suggests Kana ring the bell so they have a way to get back

They all walk to the west and Rakka narrates about the "Sudachi no hi." That day befalls all haibane and they are all lured to the ruins in the western woods and that is where they are said to cross over the wall. No one know why it happens nor when it happens or to whom. They approach the ruins and Kana runs forward calling for Kuu. Rakka runs forward and up a small set of stairs to see a dimmed halo among some feathers. She picks it up and begins crying. She doubles over as she remembers the last words Kuu spoke to her and then she calls out her name. They all return to Old Home where they place her halo in the courtyard and have a moment of silence for her as the bell continues ringing.

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