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Rules of the Haibane

1. Haibane must never leave the city
The city of Guri is surrounded by a wall and the haibane as well as all the other people who live there aren't allowed to leave for any reason. The only people who can pass in and out of the city are the Toga.

2. Haibane aren't allowed to wear new clothes
Under some law, haibane aren't allowed to wear modern clothes. They can only get clothes from secondhand shops which is often not a wonderful selection. Since some prefer nicer clothes, they have learned how to sew well.

3. Haibane aren't allowed to have money
Law states that haibane aren't allowed to posess or earn money. How do they buy things? They sign a book, rip a page out, and use it as cash. For new haibane who have yet to get their signbooks, they sign a piece of paper and include a small feather. This doesn't mean that they can just be lazy, they must have jobs.

4. Haibane must use what is not wanted
While the haibane do live among other humans, they are not given the same level of treatment as humans. The haibane are comparable to scavengers in that they have to survive on the things that other people don't want. That's what they're there for.