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Dream of Falling from the Sky
Old Home

Original Air Date: 10-9-02

Things are astir in Old Home as the cocoon residing in one of the rooms is near-hatching. All of the girls surround it wondering what excitement it holds when suddenly it breaks open flooding the room with water. The girl inside is left alone in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar environment. Suddenly, she feels a pain on her back. Then the other girls come in excited to see her. The older girl, Reki, takes the lead in welcoming the young girl properly. Reki asks her what kind of dream she had and she said she had a dream she was falling while she was in the cocoon. All the other girls explain their dreams and based on their dreams, that's how they were named. Reki sits back and comes up with the name Rakka for her. Then Hikari presents her with a fresh, hot halo that unfortunately doesn't stay. However, they come up with a way to hold the halo in place until it stays that amuses all the girls.

It becomes late and all the girls but Reki leave. She uses this time to ask Rakka if she has any questions. She first asks about haibane and Reki explains this by directing attention to her wings. She then asks Rakka if her back hurts which she responds in the affermative. Reki examines her back to see that her wings are about to come in and goes to get some ice. With Rakka's wings coming in, she becomes in extreme pain and begins to ask several questions as the pain increases which Rekki answers to the best of her ability. The pain increases even more and then Rakka's wings finally sprout out with extreme pain and tons of blood.

Reki sits by Rakka's side gently brushing the blood out of her feathers. Rakka is extremely tired and having a difficult time adjusting to her wings. Reki comments that her wings are a pretty shade of grey, neither white nor black. She then tells her that it'll be like it never happened. In the morning, Rakka looks into a mirror to see that her hair is misbehaving and Reki can't help but to laugh, but she hands her a brush which is of no help. She then turns to admire her wings forgetting about all the pain she went trough to get them. Then Reki sits down and officially welcomes her to the Old Home.

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