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Original Air Date: 12-4-02

It has been snowing for some time and all the other girls are still searching fruitlessly for Rakka. Meanwhile, Rakka's still at the bottom of the well wondering who was it that was protecting her in her dream but she doesn't know. She hears some bells and she looks up to see one of the Tooga standing above the well. She calls out to him but he walks away. Upset, she tries to climb out and fails. The Tooga come back and lower down a lantern. One climbs into the well and helps Rakka get out. She climbs out and immediately thanks them and they walk off. She tries to stop them to asks them if they know about Kuu. They stop for a moment and then walk back off. Rakka tries to chase them but she falls down and they go out of sight.

She continues limping her way out but she keeps falling. Eventually, she comes towards the wall. Suddenly, she hears Kuu's voice laughing and limps closer to the wall. She touches it and immediately backs off feeling how cold it is. She hears a voice behind her and she turns around to see that it is Washi. He begins scolding her and then notices that her leg is sprained and offers her his cane to walk with. He goes off figuring she can't walk, but she says that she's okay and follows him. Washi explains to her that what happened would be unforgivable under normal circumstances. Rakka explains to him that she thought the Tooga might know something about Kuu and then remembers that she heard Kuu's voice when she was near the wall. Washi explains that it was only an illusion due to the wall's power. He also assures her that she shouldn't be worried about Kuu. They walk on a little forward and Washi asks why she went into the well. She said that she felt the dead bird inside was calling for her like all the other birds in the city since she was born. She had some feelings about the bird she couldn't understand. Washi asks if she was scared. She shakes her head and he reveals to her that the dead bird was a sign to show what she needed to know and already knew and tells her not to worry. Washi continues walking but Rakka doesn't move and she drops the cane. She understands, but she is confused that she can't remember the significance. Washi picks up the cane and invites her to sit down and tell him about her feelings and what happened at the well. She begins to worry about herself and the things in her dream and she asks to be taken where she belongs because she doesn't feel like she doesn't belong. Washi reaches out and pets her head and tells her something to think about her sin. She asks questions about what he said but he answers again with the question frustrating her more. Then he tells her that she must find her own answer and they walk out of the woods.

Washi walks her to a certain point and then Rakka is on her own. Reki riding on her scooter spots her and goes to her. She gets off her scooter and runs towards Rakka and hugs her tightly. Reki lets go and Rakka appologizes. Reki becomes concerned about her appearance and asks where her shoes are and she says that she lost them in the western woods to the shock of Reki. Kana and the others come to where Rakka and Reki are and they begin calling out and Rakka waves around Washi's cane to get their attention. Reki notices the cane and questions Rakka about the cane. She says that Washi let her borrow it and that makes him a nice guy. However, Reki thinks that if he were such a nice person, he wouldn't have abandoned Rakka like that. She touches Rakka's hand and notices that it's cold like ice. Rakka comments that she doesn't feel any pain. Reki touches her other limbs and comes to the conclusion that she touched the wall and rushes her back to Old Home.

Back at Old Home, Rakka comments that she feels like she's about to disappear but Reki tells her to go to sleep as well as how dangerous the wall is. Rakka rolls over on her back and talks about the birds calling for her and she suddenly falls asleep. Reki begins checking her out and notices that her wings are back to normal but she doesn't know why. The other girls come in and Reki sends Kana out for some medicine. Hikari checks Rakka out and notices nothing wrong but Reki says that eventually she'll get a fever and Hikari asks her how she knows why. Suddenly, Nemu interrupts and takes Hikari away to tell the house mother that they found Rakka. After they leave, Reki begins cleaning her and Rakka wakes up. For some reason, Rakka becomes worried thinking she's going to leave. However, Reki says that she'll always be there because she's a blessed haibane. Rakka lays back down and goes to sleep. Nemu and Hikari come back to take over for Reki while she goes to take a nap. Reki goes to her room and she puts her cigarette in the mouth of one of the wood figurines by her door and she talks to it saying that Rakka doesn't need her, that she isn't cursed. She says that she's used to being alone and closes the door to her room.

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