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Links to other Haibane Renmei sites
Pioneer Animation's official Haibane site
John's Haibane-Renmei Shrine - The first Haibane fansite I believe. Contains excellent information about the doujin the anime is based upon.
PLDC's Official Haibane site - Contains brief background information, character introductions, and merchandise info (Japanese).
Haibane Renmei - French Haibane fansite with excellent info.
Haibane Renmei Shrine - One of the more complete English-language Haibane fansites.
DH̒ [Haibane Garden] - Fansite with basic info and chart of the sign language used in the show (Japanese).
Within the Wall - English-language Haibane Renmei fansite.
Sekai no Hajimari - English-language Haibane Renmei fansite with in-depth symbolism analizations.

Sites featuring Haibane Renmei reviews
Anime Tempy - Anime review site owned by the sweet and cuddly Tempy.

Where to buy Haibane Renmei (English Friendly)
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Special Thanks

JASCII - Special thanks to Jascy for helping me figure out some of the little things and also the romanization of the songs.

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