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Trash Day
The Clock Tower
The Birds Exceeding the Wall

Original Air Date: 11-13-02

In Rakka's dream, she's standing in a foggy place and then a crow lands across from her. She walks towards it and hears a deep, rhythmic chiming which in reality is Kana trying to wake her up by banging a bucket which scares her. Apparently, Rakka said she'd help Kana with work but she's too sleepy too be bothered so she lays back down. Kana gets flustered and grabs her halo which seems to bee a painful thing to do. Rakka gets up, washes her face, and gets dressed as Kana waits on the balcony. She notices that a tray of food was left out and asks if it was Rakka's. She said she left it out so the birds could have some food. Kana's obviously disgusted and she tosses the food into the trashcan explaining that they've had tons of trouble with crows. Then the thought comes to her to take out the trash. They go outside with the trash and Kana gets pissed off to see that the crows have opened up the trash dump. She shoves the trash in and Rakka begins to think about the crows and how it would be a good idea to set out food for them so they didn't have to make such a mess. Kana comments that if they did do that, the crows would become lazy and that would be a bad thing. After all the trash is places in, Kana sets it on fire and begins to talk about the crows. They begin to gather around and Kana becomes upset and shoos them off. She gives Rakka a tip telling her not to stand around or they'll poop on her head.

After the trash is done, Kana pulls out her pocket watch to see that it's time for breakfast. Rakka sees the watch and is amazed by it. Kana said that she found it and fixed it which amazes Rakka even more. She then tells her that one day she'll fix a big one one day, namely the one in the tower at Old Home. They head up to the old clock room ans Kana shows Rakka the room and explains what she knows about the past of it with great excitement and how when she was first born she explored all of Old Home to find this room. Suddenly, Kana realises that it's time for work and takes off running. Meanwhile, everyone else is enjoying breakfast quietly when Kana comes in stuffing her face to the point of choking. Rakka comes in and she tosses her a croissant and drags her out the door.

She's obviously late for work and she rushes on her bike with Rakka struggling to stay on. They arrive at Kana's job and the boss is angry because Kana is late and she and he get into an argument and she walks off. Rakka stays behind and the boss questions her a bit and she asks if there's anything she can do. He directs her to go upstairs. Kana returns and he directs her to go upstairs to clean as well. Therefore, they go upstairs and begin cleaning. The first thing they do is take out the trash since it is trash day. Kana discusses with Rakka about why the haibane work because she doesn't know what she wants to do. Kana tries to give her some nice words, but she only becomes more sad and quickly tries to cheer her back up so she takes her upstairs where they can see the entire city. She sees the wall and wonders what's on the other side but Kana doesn't know. Rakka notices that the birds are flying over the wall and Kana tells her of a legend about the birds carrying lost memories of before the haibane entered the cocoons.

They finish cleaning and come downstairs putting a sign on the door saying "Keep the room clean." They ask if there's any more work. There isn't any so the boss gives Kana work to do for her punishment for being late: fixing the clock at Old Home. She hugs him and runs out excited. Rakka stays behind and chats with the boss. He thinks that Rakka must be replacing Kana, but she assures him she isn't. He feels that because of the wings, the haibane may just fly off. But Rakka casually says that even though they have wings they can't fly.

Rakka bikes home with Kana riding along and they talk about their day. Rakka was excited and had a good day. The next morning, the crows again broke into the trash recepticle and Kana angrily shoos them off. After she shoos off a group, one swoops down and poops on her head.

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