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The Abandoned Factory
The Beginning of the World

Original Air Date: 11-20-02

In the library where Nemu works, she counts the books rather sleepily. She hears some steps and realises it's her co-worker Sumika. Nemu looks at her feet seeing that she's wearing high heels and comments about how bad that is especially since she's pregnant. She only has 4 more days that she can work since the time for her to deliver is very close. Rakka's also in the library helping out. Sumika spots her as she heads downstairs and helps her wheel a cart up some stairs. Sumika is a bit interested in knowing what it was like for a haibane to be born. Rakka doesn't remember well and says that it was like someone protected her secretly in her dream. They get up the stairs and Rakka thanks her for her help. She meets up with Nemu and she explains to Rakka briefly that Sumika was her sempai (elder). Nemu begins to explain the library to Rakka more. The Tooga provides the books so they don't know what kind of books they'll get or when. Rakka looks at one of the books and a part of it falls off. Apparently, the books are old and not in good shape. As Nemu packs up a box of books that need to be repaired, she tells Rakka to begin labeling before opening time. She quickly gets the hang of labeling, but becomes distracted by a picture book.

Sumika comes back upstairs looking for Nemu to find Rakka labeling and decides to help it. She makes for conversation by asking about the book Rakka became so involved in. Rakka responds and talks about how she wants to learn about the city and its surroundings and how she couldn't find such a book Sumika thinks back to how she also looked for a book and couldn't find such a book. She gets up and talks about how she wanted to move out the city to find out how the world began, who created it, how big it is. But that didn't work out, but she isn't upset about it. With all their chatting, they lost track of time.

Nemu gently scolds Rakka about missing the opening of the library but she excuses her because she's an apprentice. However, she doesn't let Sumika off because she's supposed to set an example. Sumika shows up as they speak to let Nemu know it's her turn to be storyteller. She tells the story to the little ones quite plainly and they all stare at full attention. She finishes the story and they begin clapping and cheering. Nemu acts modestly and tells them that it's just a story. Reki tells the little ones to thank Nemu and they do so gladly. Reki has to do some shopping so she tells Hikari and Kuu to take the little ones back and they leave. Nemu isn't used to the kids like she feels Reki is but Rakka thinks that she likes the kids, but Nemu responds that she likes them from time-to-time. At the end of the day, Nemu begins to close up and she notes that there are only 4 days left until Sumika is unable to work and that she's making a present. Nemu won't tell and intends to keep it a secret because she's embarassed. But she gives her a hint saying "Sekai no Hajimari" ("The Beginning of the World"). It was a book that was in the library that was thrown away because it was so old and worn out that she and Sumika never got beyond the first few pages.

They spot Reki and Rakka calls out to her, but she doesn't respond so they begin to follow her. They see a man return her scooter to her and Nemu comes to the conclusion that the man had just put gasoline in it. Reki lights a cigarette and several motorcycles come up. Then a cool guy on a skateboard, Hyoko, skates inbetween two of them. He gets off and walks over to Reki angrily knocking her cigarette out of her mouth telling her she shouldn't be smoking nor biking. She responds angrily to him and unties his cap which floats up because he's trying to hide his halo. His wings also pop out revealing that he's a haibane. Reki calls him an idiot and drives off. Nemu and Rakka decide to walk off to avoid confrontation.

On the walk home, Nemu tells Rakka of the abandoned factory where those group of haibane on motorcycles live. Apparently, Hyoko and Reki have a past together. Nemu tells Rakka that they eloped and she thinks that it's cool. But Nemu tells of the restrictions put on them because of their eloping. The arrive home and Rakka goes out onto the balcony to reflect and think about things ever since her birth.

The next day, Rakka helps out in the library again. However, there isn't any work to be done at the moment so she goes to research about the beginning of the world. Sumika comes in and sees Rakka researching and remembers that Nemu was like that. Sumika leaves and Nemu begins to fall asleep. In her dream, she remembers Sumika and herself trying to read that book. The scene changes to Sumika and a younger Nemu sitting on a hill with windmills. Then Nemu begins to cry and Sumika puts her arm around her. The scene goes back to Nemu fully asleep and Rakka comes in. She sees her so peaceful that she can't wake her. Then the clock chimes and Nemu wakes up feigning to be upset that Rakka didn't wake her. Nemu asks how her research went and Rakka comments that she found several stories about the beginning of the world and they were all different but similar. Nemu asks for her answer but decides that would be cheating so Nemu pulls out a little book. She began writing what she could remember of the book plus an ending as a present to Sumika. Rakka begins to read it intently and she thinks of an ending and whispers it to her which makes her laugh. Nemu takes the book back and puts it away.

Kana picks Rakka up from the library ans she's tired from overtime. Nemu stays behind to do more overtime because she had to talk to the book mender. They talk about how amazing it is that Nemu can sleep on the job. Kuu finishes up her day at the cafe and her boss says "See you later" as se runs out. She stops abruptly and she turns around, bows, and says "Sayounara" (goodbye as in "I won't be seeing you for a while" or "I'll never see you again") and then runs off and gives a little morsel of food to a cat. It runs off and she says "Bye-bye". Rakka spots Kuu and says hi to her asking her what's she's doing. She responds by saying "Aisatsu" (can be translated as either a greeting or salutation). While Rakka stands bewildered, Kuu tries to hitch a ride on Kana's bike.

The next morning, Nemu sleeps in for longer than usual, but Rakka defends for her. Reki goes into the kitchen and Rakka follows helping her make onigiri. Rakka thinks back to the scene with Hyoko and improperly does her onigiri. Nemu rushes in saying there isn't any food and Reki holds up a basket likely holding the onigiri she had been making. Rakka bikes to the library with Nemu riding on the back and she falls asleep thinking about the story she and Rakka wrote. Nemu narrates her part and then Rakka narrates her part. The story was the beginning of the world. According to this story, the haibane were a mistake God hid in the back of his mind before he created the humans. But he fell asleep and they escaped from his mind which was a mistake, but he let that slide.

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