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Darkness of the Heart
Precious Things

Original Air Date: 12-11-02

During work, Rakka narrates what has happened since the beginning of winter and all the changes that have happened, but Reki is still the same, still trying to remember her dream to overcome her sins. At Old Home, Reki is preparing Dai to return to the abandoned factory for half a month. She sends him off with Rakka and they walk through the city to the abandoned factory.

They soon arrive and Dai shows her a secret entrance through a hole in the fence. Rakka figures no one is here and suddenly there are explosions at her feet and she gets scared. A boy waving a string of firecrackers laughs at Rakka for being so shocked. Hyoko stomps near the boy causing him to nearly fall down. He scolds him for using up the fireworks for the festival and he replies that it was for the guests. Shocked, Hyoko looks down to see Rakka and Dai standing there. The girls of the abandoned factory come out to meet them immediately. She hands the girls the bag of goodies made by Hikari and they become excited about how nice the gesture is. Hyoko comes out on his skateboard in front of Dai and sends it over to him. Dai gets on it and glides for a few seconds and then falls off. Rakka thanks the girls for taking Dai in, but they say that they should be thanking her instead and also that they should have picked them up, but they say that since that event in the past, they've shyed away from Old Home. Their talk about the past confuses Rakka and they figure since she's still new, she doesn't know. One of the girl says to Midori that a lot happened before Rakka came and she walks off upset saying she doesn't know anything.

Rakka leaves the abandoned factory and Midori comes running to catch her before she got too far to return Reki's umbrella. They stand on the bridge and talk a bit. Midori asks if Rakka really doesn't know anything. She says that she remembers seeing Reki and the others from the abandoned factory fighting on the bridge and that also there was a rumour about Reki and Hyoko. Midori clears up the rumour saying that Reki really got Hyoko in trouble. Rakka doesn't believe this and Midori becomes a bit predative saying that she doesn't know Reki really.

At work, Rakka is still in denial as she unties the gondola. In her heart, she feels that Reki is always nice and caring even when she's sad and hurting. When she comes out of thought, she realises that the gondola has floated away from her and she runs to chase it. Riding in the gondola, she sees a shiny stone on the wall with writing and she becomes amazed. Suddenly, trickles appear in the water and she hears Kuu laughing.

Rakka finishes work and meets Washi in the inner garden. He tells her that Reki was here to pick her up and that she was worried. He walks her out of the temple talking about Reki's worries over her parting. Rakka says that she doesn't want Reki to leave and also that she's worried about her. Washi replies that Reki must stand up to her own fears herself. Rakka recalls Reki's paintings and how she didn't know what they were nor did Reki have any idea about the paintings the made. Then Washi simply says that Reki doesn't have much time left and Rakka stops in her tracks shocked. He doesn't know when, but he says that if by spring if she is still confused, she will still remain. Rakka asks if it's possible for anyone to stay behind; Washi replies that it's possible but rare, but if anyone does, that person will no longer be a haibane losing his halo and wings and live without interaction with anybody. Then they grow old. Washi and the Haibane Renmei want all the Haibane to leave the nest and not have to suffer like that. He has been trying to help Reki, but he refuses his help. Suddenly, Rakka expresses her desire to help Reki. Washi explains to Rakka that to help her, she'd have to say goodbye, possibly forever, and asks her if she's ready to do that.

Rakka meets up with Reki who is waiting for her on her scooter. On the way home, Rakka asks a few questions about Midori and if they were friends. Reki replies that at one time they were. Reki makes sure that they didn't say anything mean to her. As Reki talks, Rakka looks at Reki's halo to see it fading. She saddens and tells Reki that she's going to do her best and Reki says that she should since she's a true haibane.

Back at Old Home, the others have finished eating. Nemu comes out and sits by the steaming teapot since she's sick. She asks where Reki is and Hikari tells her that she's painting so she's taking care of the kids today. Nemu has noticed that she's been doing that a lot lately and that she was going to get her to go to the library and say that she's sick. After some debating between the girls, Rakka decides to do it.

Rakka tells Nemu's boss that she's ill and then goes into the special collection room where Sumika (still pregnant) spots her. They walk over to the book fossils and Sumika tells Rakka that those books were found in the western woods. Rakka wonders what they say, but Sumika has no idea except that she has a feeling that the writing looks like hand gestures.

Reki walks along the river and looks over at where Dai is skateboarding with Hyoko. Rakka comes upon her and almost calls out her name and stops suddenly when she thinks about what Midori said about Reki. After a few seconds, Rakka calls her and they walk back home. Reki talks about a few silly things. Rakka begins to think about Reki and why she never noticed things about Reki before. Rakka stops walking and she wishes for today to never end but Reki says that that's impossible because everything comes to an end and because of that, every moment is precious. Reki and Rakka part ways. She runs crying to work and she doubles over crying and saying that Reki should smile.

Reki returns to Old Home and she seems to want to light up a cigarette but she crumbles the package and lays it on the table. Then she goes over to Nemu, who's asleep in bed, and thanks her telling her that when she makes it to the other side to say hi to Kuramori for her since she believes she won't make it. She goes off to her room with a can of paint in her hand with intentions on ending it.

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