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All previews marked with Preview are MP3s that approximately 45 seconds long and are encoded at a bitrate of 64kb/s.

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OST: Haibane Renmei soundtrack hanenone
   Release date: 12-21-02
   Catalogue number: PICA-1270
   Initial pressing extra: Shiny character card featuring Rakka.
Track Listing

ED: "Blue Flow" Heart of Air
   Release date: 11-22-02
   Catalogue number: LACM-4078
Track listing
   1. Blue Flow Preview
   2. Garasu no Yume [Dream of Glass] Preview
   3. Aoi Inori [Blue Prayer] Preview
   4. Blue Flow (Karaoke)
   5. Garasu no Yume [Dream of Glass] (Karaoke)

Haibane Renmei Image Song Album ~Seinaru Doukei~
   Release date: 2-5-03
   Catalogue number: LACA-5147

Contains songs inspired by the show sung by Heart of Air as well as character image songs.
Track Listing

OST: Haibane Renmei Original Soundtrack
   Release date: 8-5-03
   Catalogue number: 52032
   Initial pressing extra: